Dental Services Amherst, NY

At Creekside Dentistry, we are dedicated to the long-term health and comfort of your smile. Dr. Karl Neuhaus has over 20 years of experience and post-graduate training in all aspects of dentistry for the benefit of our patients and their dental care goals. We offer comprehensive dental services for all of your oral health needs in Amherst, NY, from disease prevention to treating complex dental concerns. Dr. Neuhaus also has advanced training to place dental implants, and help patients restore their smiles with the most natural-looking and functioning results.

We create smile makeovers using digital technology and personalized planning to meet your aesthetic goals. Implant dentistry can be life-changing for anyone suffering from tooth loss or poorly fitted dentures or bridges. Our team is committed to providing what we believe is an exceptional patient experience and the highest standard of dental care. How can we help you enjoy a healthy smile?

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Routine Dental Care: Preventing Common Concerns

Routine general dental care focuses on disease prevention. Dr. Neuhaus and our team emphasize routine dental visits and educate our patients on the benefits they offer for both oral and overall health and well-being. During routine visits, we take the time to get to know you and understand your unique risk factors for common dental concerns that can compromise your smile. In addition, offering personalized oral hygiene care and advice can help you to avoid the development of tooth decay and gum disease.

During routine visits, Dr. Neuhaus looks for the signs of other concerns with oral symptoms, such as oral cancer. For younger patients, we monitor tooth development and can make recommendations as needed for orthodontic treatment to ensure the growth of a healthy, functional smile. We take a comprehensive approach to your dental health care as a partner in maintaining your overall health.

Cosmetic Dental Services in Amherst, NY

Cosmetic dental treatments can often serve two purposes: enhancing the aesthetics of your smile and supporting your long-term dental health. Dr. Neuhaus can work with you on an individual basis to achieve the smile you have always wanted with one or more treatments in the comfort of our Amherst dentist’s office:

Restorative Dental Care: Get Back A Beautiful Smile

Dr. Neuhaus can help you get back a healthy, comfortable, and natural-looking smile with a wide range of restorative dental services. Restoring damaged and missing teeth will give you renewed confidence in your appearance and regain your best quality of life each day. Additionally, a functional and complete smile allows for everyday eating and speaking and helps maintain your jaw structure as you age. Restorative dental care can include:

Dr. Karl Neuahus has completed post-graduate coursework at the Dawson Academy, enabling him to provide diagnosis and treatment for TMJ-related disorders. Also known as occlusal disease, a bite disorder can cause painful symptoms such as headaches and jaw pain.