All On Four

In recent years, dental implants have developed to offer new techniques to address a more significant number of patients with missing teeth and poor-fitting dentures. Traditional dental implants typically require substantial bone in the jaw area for a successful result, precluding patients who had lost bone structure due to aging or missing teeth.  At Creekside Dentistry and Implantology in Amherst, NY, Drs. Karl and Walter Neuhaus offer the All On Four procedure. This new technique offers dental implants to edentulous patients with a diminished bone structure to secure a denture.

The All On Four technique uses as few as four strategically placed dental implants that will secure a cosmetic denture for a functional and stable smile. This unique treatment approach can bring back full function without the need for daily maintenance, dietary restriction, and garbled speech that often accompany traditional dentures.

All On Four Treatment in Amherst, New York

All On Four Treatment in Amherst, NY

All On Four is a revolutionary dental implant procedure that maximizes the use of available bone and offers patients Immediate Function™. Patients who may have previously been denied dental implants as a treatment option due to bone loss in the jaw can enjoy the benefits they offer for long-term dental health.

The first phase of your treatment is the most important- treatment planning. For treatment planning, Dr. Karl or Dr. Walter Neuhaus will use high-resolution 3-D imaging. One of the critical features of the All On Four procedure is the use of strategic placement and angling of the posts to take advantage of healthy bone tissue for a secure, lasting result.

Dr. Neuhaus uses advanced technology and the highest standard of materials for the best possible outcome. Your new dental implants can last a lifetime with good dental care. When Dr. Neuhaus places the implant posts, he will also place a temporary denture. This will enable you to leave our Amherst dentist office with a fully functional smile. The final restoration will be permanently secured after the bone and soft tissues have healed.

All On Four will enable you to enjoy the best possible quality of life and confidence in your smile. No slipping, no discomfort, and no maintenance.

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If you are looking for a solution to missing teeth or a poorly fitting denture, schedule a dental consultation with Dr. Karl or Dr. Walter Neuhaus to learn more about All On Four. We can help you restore a better quality of life with a stable, permanent smile.