Dentist in Amherst NY

Dr. Karl Neuhaus is an experienced general dentist in Amherst, NY, offering a full range of general dentistry services including routine dental cleanings, preventive care, oral surgery, and restorative procedures. While preventive care and general dentistry are the foundation of Creekside Dentistry, Dr. Neuhaus can offer advanced solutions for treating complex dental problems, including missing teeth, the placement of dental implants, TMJ disorders, and cosmetic dental concerns.

General Dentistry in Amherst, New York

The Importance of General Dentistry

Ideally, a visit to the dentist is a quick trip to prevent future problems. However, as a general dentist, Dr. Neuhaus urges patients to visit the dentist for routine dental cleanings and oral health checkups at least every six months.

As many as 3 out of every 4 adults are affected by periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. Without a dentist’s expertise, gum disease can contribute to serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Having routine dental checkups allows the dentist to prevent gum disease and treat it in its earliest stages to avoid long-term issues.

General Dentistry in Amherst, NY

A visit to Creekside Dentistry in Amherst, New York, is not an average visit to the dentist. Dr. Neuhaus is highly trained in many aspects of dentistry. Welcoming patients of all ages, including children, they offer customized treatment plans and personal attention to every patient.

You can expect friendly and focused care. Your dentist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation that includes a physical inspection of the mouth, teeth, gums, jaw joints, and other support structures. They will take the time to discuss your health history, cosmetic dental concerns, and other dental issues.

Your examination will include:

  • Diagnostic x-rays
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Periodontal screening (for gum disease)
  • Dental caries (cavities) screening
  • Digital bite analysis and examination of temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and jaw position
  • Digital imaging for analysis, diagnosis, and treatment planning
  • 2-D and 3-D models for analysis and treatment planning