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Our Dental Technology

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Our goal to do more than simply treat the symptoms of dental problems. We utilize the latest technology in our Amherst NY dentist office, allowing our dentists to identify and fix the underlying cause for cosmetic and functional dental concerns. This approach allows us to deliver longer lasting, more natural looking results for our patients.

Our staff is a highly trained in restorative and cosmetic dentistry with experience diagnosing and treating complex dental problems. Our technology allows us to deliver quicker, more precise diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and more comfortable treatment options.

Digital Dental X-Rays

While some patients feel dental x-rays are unnecessary, they are actually an important diagnostic tool. Digital dental x-rays allow the dentist to get a clear picture of the teeth, bones, and joints. Without this snapshot of the interior workings of the oral system, the dentist is forced to simply guess at what might be causing the problems.

Dental x-rays are extremely useful for detecting hidden problems such as tooth decay and TMJ disorders. In addition, routine dental x-rays allow our dentists to look for changes in the structure of the teeth or fit of the bite which could indicate health concerns.

CEREC Same Day Dentistry

Lets face it – who has time to go to the dentist. At Creekside Dentistry, we understand how busy people and families are these days. That is why we are excited to offer patients the convenience of CEREC same day dentistry. CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology to allow the dentist to plan and create porcelain dental restorations in just one visit.

With CEREC, you can have a dental crown or porcelain veneers in one day. Using the highest quality ceramic material, this innovative software creates restorations that fit perfectly. CEREC is especially helpful for patients who have a dental emergency like a cracked tooth or broken crown. Our dentists are able to see the patient and repair the tooth in the same visit.