Dental Technology Owings Mills, MD

At Creekside Dentistry, our goal is to do more than simply treat the symptoms of dental problems. We utilize the latest dental technology in our Amherst, NY dentist office. With this technology, our dentists can identify and fix the underlying causes of cosmetic and functional dental concerns. Taking a technology-based approach enables us to deliver our patients’ longer-lasting, more natural-looking results.

Our staff is highly trained in restorative and cosmetic dentistry with experience diagnosing and treating complex dental problems. In addition, our technology allows us to deliver quicker, more precise diagnoses, personalized treatment plans, and more comfortable treatment options.

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Digital Dental X-Rays

While some patients feel dental x-rays are unnecessary, they are actually an important diagnostic tool. Digital dental x-rays allow the dentist to picture the teeth, bones, and joints clearly. Without x-rays, our dentist can only guess the cause of dental problems.

Dental x-rays are beneficial for detecting hidden problems such as tooth decay and TMJ disorders. In addition, routine dental x-rays allow our dentists to look for changes in the structure of the teeth or the fit of the bite. Our team can see sudden changes in the teeth or gums that could indicate health concerns.

ITero Scanner

The intraoral scanner is a convenient, handheld device used to take high-resolution digital impressions. There is no longer any need for those uncomfortable, gooey impression trays. The Itero scanner allows for more accurate measurements for better fitting oral devices. 


CBCT uses high resolution imaging technology to capture a variety of angles of the mouth in less than a minute. Using this state of the art dental technology, our team is able to construct a 3D rendering of your mouth used in treatment planning. CBCT imaging allows for more precise diagnostics and accurate care.