Restore Your Bite in One Day With Dental Implants

Implants have a lot of benefits that make them the replacement option of choice for many patients. With the traditional implant process, most patients can go three to six months without a fully repaired smile or bite. But with one-day dental implants in Amherst, NY, some patients may be able to get an extraction, implant placement, and a temporary restoration all in one appointment. By combining the implant process with advanced technology, patients could see immediate results when getting treated for tooth loss.

DENTAL IMPLANTS in AMHERST NY could provide bite restoration in just one day

How One-Day Dental Implants in Amherst, NY Work

With the help of digital I-CAT and 3D imaging software, your dentist might be able to plan your tooth replacement appointment for one sitting. With the right pre-planning and technology assistance, dentists can determine strategic placement and angles to maximize implant placement. This allows them to provide efficient jaw strength and restoration with minimal implants needed. Patients who are missing an entire arch of teeth, for example, may even be able to get their bite restored using only four implants.

Consultation and Planning

The consulting and planning part of the process is likely going to take the longest amount of time. Your dentist will need to examine your bite and take both impressions and X-Rays. These are all used to create digital models of your mouth that help in identifying the proper placement for implants.

With the traditional implant process, patients can often have a tooth extracted and an implant placed all on the same day. But it’s usually a while before even the temporary restoration is applied. This is because your dentist would need to apply an abutment to the implant and take further impressions to fabricate your restoration. However, the use of advanced imaging technology can allow dentists to place the implant and set a temporary restoration all at the same time.

Types of Restoration

When getting one-day dental implants, it’s important to know what kind of restoration you need. If you’re missing a single tooth, for example, you’ll likely need a dental crown. If you’re missing multiple teeth, however, an implant-secured denture or implant-supported bridge may be best. Your dentist will consult with you ahead of time to discuss your cosmetic goals and choose the right restoration for your bite.

Post-Treatment Care

While you have your temporary restoration, your implant is doing hard work to integrate into your jaw bone. It’s important, therefore, to treat the implant site and your restoration gently. Patients should avoid chewing on the restoration, and should try to stick to soft-foods in general. It’s also important to use a gentle pressure when brushing and flossing to avoid damaging the restoration or loosening the implant.

If you need dental implants, you may be able to restore your bite in one day. At Creekside Dentistry, we offer teeth-in-a-day treatment to our patients when possible for quick and effective restoration. Call us today at (716) 262-8070 to schedule a consultation and see if dental implants are right for you.