Sedation Dentistry Amherst NY

Here at Creekside Dentistry in Amherst, New York, we know that one of the main reasons people dislike going to the dentist is because of the fear of pain. Our dentists offer a variety of methods and techniques for delivering more comfortable treatment with less pain and quicker recoveries. We offer nitrous oxide to help patients feel comfortable and relaxed with no lingering side effects. Thousands of dental procedures are performed each year with the aid of sedation dentistry.

Our dentists take the time to carefully review your medical history, prepare you for, and monitor you during the procedure. Dental sedation is a general dental treatment that can relieve dental anxiety and fear. Sedation dentistry can also help patients undergo multiple procedures in one visit that would otherwise require multiple appointments, saving time and money.

sedation dentistry amherst ny

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is inhaled by the patient through a special mask. The gas helps the patient to relax yet remain awake and cooperative throughout the procedure. Inhalation sedation is extremely safe and effective. The nitrous oxide only affects the patient while the mask is on. Once removed, the effects disappear and the patient is able to continue with their normal routine.

Receive Relaxing Dental Care

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