Teeth Whitening Upkeep Tips

Are you confident in the appearance of your smile? Are discolored teeth affecting your desire to smile readily? Teeth whitening in Amherst, NY, can help restore the natural shade of your teeth or brighten yellowing or discolored teeth. Over time, teeth become discolored as the result of improper oral hygiene, smoking, or drinking too many staining drinks. With both at-home and in-office teeth whitening options available, everyone has the opportunity to create a smile they can feel proud of.

TEETH WHITENING in AMHERST NY is only as effective as your upkeep routine

Tips for Maintaining White Teeth

After a teeth whitening treatment, it can feel like your smile is as bright and vibrant as ever. But without proper maintenance and caution, your teeth are likely to discolor once again. The first 48 hours after a teeth whitening appointment are the most crucial to ensure your teeth remain healthy and white. Be sure to follow any after-care instructions and maintain a good oral hygiene routine daily.

Avoid Coffee, Tea, and Staining Sauces

Dark drinks and sauces are a leading contributor to darkening teeth. The more coffee and tea you drink, the less white your teeth will be over time. To minimize the impact of these drinks, rinse the mouth with water or brush your teeth gently after consuming your morning coffee or tea.

Avoid Acidic Foods

Acidic foods, such as citrus fruits, may be a great source of Vitamin C, but they’re also a great source of tooth damage. The citric acid can weaken the enamel of your teeth. Not only does this open your mouth up to more cavities and chips, but it also darkens the appearance of your smile.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Keeping up on your routine oral hygiene schedule can help lengthen the effects of your teeth whitening. Brushing and flossing daily removes food debris from your teeth and gums, which prevents plaque buildup. And without plaque to wreak havoc on your mouth, your teeth can stay brighter for longer.

Schedule Maintenance Whitening Appointments

Even if you stay away from darker food and drink and keep your mouth clean, loss of color is a natural part of aging for most patients. After your initial teeth whitening appointment, discuss follow-up and maintenance care routines with your dentist to determine when you should come back for more treatment. How often you’ll need to touch up your whitening will depend on your lifestyle and dietary habits.

Is Teeth Whitening Right for You?

Everyone can benefit from a brighter smile, but not everyone is fit for teeth whitening in Amherst, NY. There are certain types of tooth stains that can be resistant to common whitening products. Dr. Karl Neuhaus has helped patients achieve the smile of their dreams through a variety of treatment options and can offer cosmetic treatments with lasting results including tooth bonding and veneers.