What to Expect from a Dental Filling Appointment

If tooth decay is caught early on, there’s a chance you can have the damage restored with a simple resin filling. But dental fillings in Amherst, NY, can vary for each patient. Extensive tooth decay may need an inlay, onlay, or partial crown to help protect and preserve your teeth. Your dentist will examine the location and spread of decay to determine which dental filling is appropriate for you. Dental appointments can be anxiety-producing. But if you know what to expect for your dental filling appointment, you can face it with more confidence and ease.

DENTAL FILLINGS in AMHERST, NY, can help preserver your natural teeth

How Dental Fillings in Amherst, NY, Work

Decay on your teeth can be treated in a variety of ways. There are two main types of dental fillings that your dentist may use to treat your teeth. Resin dental fillings, also known as composite bonding, are commonly used for minor tooth decay. They are typically less invasive than other treatment options. Porcelain dental fillings are often used for more extensive cases of decay and typically require two separate appointments.

Resin Dental Filling Process

If you have a minor case of decay or have a filling that is either old or damaged, your dentist may recommend a resin dental filling. During your appointment, your dentist will clean your tooth and use a small drill to remove the decay. After they remove the decay, your dentist will then fill the cavity with a biocompatible composite resin that they color-match to your natural tooth. Your dentist will then polish and shape the material until your bite feels natural.

Porcelain Dental Filling Process

Porcelain dental fillings, such as inlays, onlays, and partial crowns, are slightly more complex. When decay spreads, a simple resin filling is often not enough to properly protect your tooth and prevent further damage. In these cases, your dentist will use the same process of cleaning and removing decay. After that, however, they’ll take an impression of your tooth to have the porcelain material made. This process can take a few days, so you’ll have to come back for a second appointment to get the filling set. Your dentist will likely create a temporary filling during your first appointment to help protect your tooth while you wait.

Replacing Fillings

Replacing an old or damaged filling can help better protect your teeth and even improve your smile. Depending on the size of the filling, you may be able to get your new filling in one appointment. However, if removing the old filling would compromise the safety and strength of your tooth, your dentist may recommend a porcelain filling or even a crown to help preserve your natural tooth.

As an emergency dental office, Creekside Dentistry is happy to help our patients with any emergency dental filling needs. Whether you have tooth pain and sensitivity or have had a filling fall out, contact us right away for an emergency dental appointment. We’ll get you scheduled as soon as possible for an exam and potentially start treatment the same day.