CEREC technology offers patients quick results | Creekside Dentistry, Amherst

Dr. Karl Neuhaus and Dr. Walter Neuhaus of Creekside Dentistry in Amherst, NY aim to provide their patients with comfortable and timely treatment. This is especially important to those who have a broken or damaged tooth – or crown- that they would like restored quickly! Patients who suffer a broken or cracked tooth or crown can come in for an emergency restoration and leave with it in place.

Using CEREC technology, Drs. Neuhaus can send patients home with a new crown or porcelain veneer the same day. This technology enables the dentists at Creekside to plan and create porcelain restorations in one visit that are high quality and perfectly fit – no need for a return visit!

Typically, the procedure for a crown or veneer would involve two or more visits. During the first visit, the dentist would prepare the tooth, take impressions and the patient would leave with a temporary restoration. The second visit would include a fitting of the new crown or dental veneer and the dentist would attach it to the tooth. With the use of CEREC technology, this can all be accomplished in one visit and the restorations are custom fit right away.

The dentists at Creekside have extensive post graduate training in complex restorative procedures and the incorporation of dental technology such as CEREC enhances the quality of diagnosis and treatment that they can offer Amherst area dental patients. They also use digital dental X-rays in their office to provide them with a clear picture of a patient’s entire occlusal system, including bones and joints. Creating a history for each patient with annual X-rays can allow Dr. Karl or Dr. Walter Neuhaus to notice developing dental health issues early on when conservative treatment can be effective as well as prevent later problems.

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