Enhancing your dental experience with CEREC technology.

Modern restorative dentistry offers today’s patients treatment options that can help them maintain a beautiful, functional smile for a lifetime. We understand more today than ever before about the importance of lifelong dental health for a better quality of life and its role in supporting overall well being.

Restorative dentistry involves the repair or replacement of damaged or missing teeth- procedures that can typically require several visits to the dentist’s office for desired results. Although it is always worth the time invested for long term oral health, new technology enables restorative dentists like Dr. Neuhaus at Creekside Dentistry to design and fabricate high quality, ceramic restorations in ONE visit!

CEREC technology, digital CAD/CAM computer software, provides accurate planning, design and fabrication of porcelain dental restorations such as crowns in Dr. Neuhaus’ Amherst dentist office. These custom fit porcelain crowns, veneers and onlays are comparable in quality to those that are custom made in a dental laboratory- without the wait.Office Tour 8 copy

Patients can leave the same day with a comfortable, natural looking tooth that has been replaced or repaired using CEREC technology. This saves both time AND money! No second visit and hassles of a temporary restoration.

Dr. Neuhaus, a highly trained and experienced dentist, offers this “same day dentistry” to patients when possible, given the treatment plan and dental health situation of the patient. Same day dentistry is extremely beneficial for patients facing a dental emergency with a broken or damaged tooth that is affecting their appearance and their daily routine.

Find out more about the benefits of CEREC technology and how it could improve your dentistry during your next visit with Dr. Neuhaus at Creekside Dentistry. If you have been considering a cosmetic procedure or have a damaged tooth that needs to be addressed, schedule a consultation to discuss your options and see if “same day dentistry” can save your smile!