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As a quality dentist in Amherst, NY, Creekside Dentistry and Implantology strives to make sure our patients get the absolute best care, no matter why they’re in our office. Patient testimonials let us know what we’re doing well and what we can improve on. They also give a chance for future patients to know what level of care they can expect from our in amherst, new york

Patients Review Creekside Dentistry

So this was my 1st time there for dental work. A repair on a chipped tooth and a crown replacement. I usually need “laughing gas” to take the edge off. DIDN’T NEED IT! Shots were not a problem! It was a smooth sailing appointment! Everyone was fantastic!

-Michelle Driess

All my life I was embarrassed by my smile… I sat down for a consultation with multiple other places and something always felt like it was missing. Like the people I was meeting with didn’t care about me or my smile. Just another dollar bill to them, but from my very first consultation here I knew my smile mattered. A couple of appointments later and I’m feeling brand new thanks to my brand new smile! Thank you isn’t enough 🙂

-Nicholas Doel

Just saw Dr. Karl and I could not be more pleased. Dr. Karl is continuing the top-quality care I received from Dr. Walter. Thank you for your superior care. And painless extraction!! A yr ago: Excellence!! The most thorough dental exam I have ever had…and I am old. I was a satisfied patient many years ago, moved, and now happily return to this practice. Looking for a great dentist..your search should end will be pleased.


I am the world’s worst dental patient. Just for a cleaning, I need nitrous oxide. I had extensive dental work done this year, implants, and crowns. During the entire process, Dr. Karl and his staff assured me that I would be comfortable. Rachel and Julia held my hand, while Dr. Karl made me feel comfortable and relaxed as he joked with me. The entire process was pain-free. I love my new teeth, they look wonderful. Dr. Karl gave me flowers on my last visit. Linda and Christine always made appointments in a timely manner and explained all the charges. If you’re looking for a great dentist with a wonderful staff, give Creekside Dentistry a call.

-Susan Koch

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