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Preventive Dental Care Amherst NY

Preventive Dental CareAn Overview

Establishing a routine oral healthcare plan is the best way to avoid any dental issues. For most people, this includes biannual visits to the dentist for professional cleanings, x-rays, and other preventative maintenance procedures. Creekside Dentistry in Amherst, New York provides a wide range of general dentistry services to restore and maintain optimal oral health for our patients.

Early Detection Through Routine Visits

Routine examinations and teeth cleanings allow our dentists to identify problems in the earliest stages and recommend the most conservative treatment options. Routine dental care is also an important part of post treatment care to ensure that your dental restorations continue to look and function their best.

During a visit to our Amherst dental office, we will screen for cavities, gum disease and oral cancer. If problems are detected, the dentist may complete additional diagnostic imaging or tests to devise a treatment plan. If necessary, the dentist can utilize medicated gels, prescription mouth rinses, sealants, and fluoride products for specific problem areas.

Crowns In A Day

The dentists at Creekside Dentistry use CEREC, a dental restoration that allows the dentist to design, create and place tooth-colored dental crowns in just one visit. Patients save the time and money of multiple visits with restorations that are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. This treatment is quick and virtually pain free.

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Preventive Dental Care What to Expect

Examinations at Creekside Dentistry are complete and comprehensive; they go beyond a visual inspection of the teeth, including a physical examination of the mouth, teeth, gums, jaw joints and other support structures.

You will spend one-on-one time with the dentist to discuss your concerns and goals. Together, you will decide on a treatment plan that will help you achieve the best possible results.

Our examination includes:

  • Diagnostic x-rays
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Periodontal screening (for gum disease)
  • Dental caries (cavities) screening
  • Digital bite analysis and examination of temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and jaw position
  • Digital imaging for analysis, diagnosis, and treatment planning
  • 2-D and 3-D models for analysis and treatment planning

An important part of your routine dental visit is a professional teeth cleaning. Your dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from all surfaces in the mouth, including those areas that are difficult to reach in your daily at home care. This significantly reduces the incidence of tooth decay and gum disease, common cocnerns that can ultimately compromise your oral health if left untreated.

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