Can I Keep My Wisdom Teeth?

We want you to keep your wisdom teeth. However, the fact is that you may more than likely not be able to keep them. Very few people have enough room inside their mouth that can accommodate the space required for your wisdom teeth to grow. These patients should consider themselves lucky as it is becoming rarer that patients have the room for their wisdom to grow in without any issues. These patients will be fortunate enough to have a third set of molars in the back of their mouth for more support with chewing food.

The rest of us will likely have our wisdom teeth removed. No, this will not remove any wisdom from you, simply just the wisdom teeth. In fact, wisdom actually gets their name from the time in your life that they decide to appear. They usually develop in your late teens or early twenties. Having your wisdom teeth removed is not really a big deal as it is the most common form of tooth extraction performed every year.

  • Nerve Damage
    • If your wisdom teeth do not have enough room to grow, they will continue to grow underneath your gum line. This will cause the wisdom tooth to grow into your neighboring teeth. The chances are that you will be in our office before that happens as the pain that this causes in unbearable.
  • Impaction
    • Also when your wisdom teeth do not have enough room to grow in, they can partial emerge from your gum line with the rest of the tooth still under your gum line which is referred to as having an impacted wisdom tooth. An impacted wisdom tooth can increase your risk of infection, cause your other teeth to become overcrowded as they will push your neighboring teeth forward.

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Dr. Karl NeuhausDr. Walter Neuhaus, and the team at Creekside Dentistry are here to help you through this tough time of having your wisdom make their presence known in the back of your mouth. If you are in the age range mentioned above and are experiencing pain or chronic headaches, contact us immediately!