Teeth In A Day

Are you looking to replace missing, loose or damaged teeth in just one visit to the dentist office? Amherst, NY dentists Dr. Karl and Dr. Walter Neuhaus use state of the art dental technology for the placement of “teeth in a day”.   With advancements in digital dentistry, teeth in a day can now offer patients a way to restore their smile, oral health, and confidence in just one trip to the dentist.
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Teeth In A Day Amherst, NY

Using I-CAT and 3-D imaging software in combination with strategic planning, our Amherst, NY dentists are able to remove, implant and secure a dental restoration all in one sitting.

Your Amherst, NY dentist will first perform a comprehensive oral health exam. Your Amherst dentist will evaluate your oral health, bone integrity and talk to you about your specific cosmetic goals and concerns. Together you and your dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for teeth in a day. If you are already missing teeth, and have been for some time, teeth in a day may still be a possibility. Dr. Neuhaus will determine if you have enough healthy bone structure to support the implant. Once your are approved for teeth in a day, a date will be scheduled for your procedure.

During your dental health exam, it will be determined which teeth need to be removed to restore optimal oral health. For patients with damaged, decayed, or loose teeth, teeth in a day are often an ideal immediate replacement option.

Your procedure will begin with dental sedation so you will feel completely relaxed and feel no pain during your procedure. Your teeth will be removed, an implant will be placed in the cleaned root socket, and a temporary restoration will be attached. You will wear the temporary restoration for 2-3 months while the implant has time to heal and integrate with the jaw bone. Once healed, a final restoration will be attached for a beautiful and natural looking and functioning dental restoration.

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Creekside Dentistry and Implantology offers complete dental implant services under one roof. To learn more about how a dental implant procedure can solve your dental problems and restore your quality of life, schedule a consultation with Dr. Karl or Dr. Walter Neuhaus.