We have solutions for your denture problems

Amherst dentists Drs. Karl and Walter Neuhaus offer a variety of services for patients who either need dentures or have poor fitting dentures that are affecting their quality of life.

Dentures and partial dentures are the traditional and most conservative treatment option for tooth replacement when a patient has lost most/all of their top or bottom teeth- or both. But they can also be the least satisfactory when poorly fit or maintained, often diminishing a patient’s ability to eat and speak normally.77736736

Drs. Neuhaus understand the frustration that many patients have when trying to find a solution that will restore their oral health. Drs. Neuhaus have worked with many patients and provided them with a renewed sense of comfort and confidence in their smile.

For the best fit and most successful long term solution, Dr. Neuhaus recommends dental implant supported dentures or partial dentures whenever possible. Also known as “all-on-four”, this type of denture can frequently be placed in a single visit. Using as few as four strategically placed dental implants, this type of denture offers many benefits for both oral health and daily quality of life:

  • No slipping
  • Reduces loss of bone in the jaw
  • No need for daily adhesives and maintenance
  • Natural looking and functioning, a with a new, elastic soft liningllowing normal diet and speech

Creekside Dentistry also offers repair for patients who have dentures that are slipping or have become damaged. Relining your dentures can often restore a more comfortable and secure fit. Dr. Neuhaus can assess your oral health needs and make recommendations for the most suitable options after a consultation.

If you have been struggling with uncomfortable, poor fitting dentures, contact our Baltimore dentist office and learn more about how Creekside Dentistry can improve your smile.