Heading out of town? Are your teeth ready for the trip?

86532128Summer is the season for traveling and many have vacations planned for remote or overseas locations- places where good dental care may be hard to come by!

The middle of your vacation, honeymoon or business trip is the most inconvenient to experience a dental emergency and can sometimes call for an abrupt end to an otherwise wonderful time away or a successful business trip.

While dental emergencies can crop up unexpectedly for anyone, patients who neglect their dental health or skip preventive care appointments put themselves at a greater risk. If you have noticed a change in your oral health, it is important to address it with a visit to Drs. Neuhaus at Creekside Dentistry before you leave town to make an uninterrupted trip more likely.

Dr. Neuhaus emphasizes the benefits of routine preventive care visits twice per year to maintain good oral health and to provide the opportunity for he and his staff at Creekside Dentistry to spot possible dental health problems in the early stages.