A root canal! Does it hurt? | Creekside Dentistry

Have you noticed increased sensitivity to cold/hot foods and beverages?

Do you experience tooth pain when chewing or biting?

You may need a root canal to restore your oral health.

The root canal procedure is one of the oldest dental procedures around, but one that has changed dramatically through the years with new techniques and technology changes in dentistry. Root canals often get a “bad rap” as a painful procedure that is to be avoided, when actually the opposite is true!

The root canal is an important procedure that can save a patient’s natural tooth and help preserve their dental health. At Creekside Dentistry, Dr. Neuhaus and Dr. Neuhaus perform root canals in the comfort of their Amherst dental office. Patients will find that this is no more painful than having a cavity filled!

If you experience dental anxiety, Creekside Dentistry offers sedation dentistry to help patients feel calm and relaxed during treatments. Most patients will feel much better after a root canal procedure has removed the infected tissue in the tooth that is the cause of their pain.

The root canal procedure is offered as treatment for a diseased or severely decayed tooth- Dr. Neuhaus will always recommend saving the natural tooth when possible. During a root canal, Dr. Neuhaus will remove the infected and damaged tissue from the interior canals and pulp chamber of the tooth before filling it with a biocompatible compound that will prevent another infection from developing. Once sealed, the tooth will function normally. A root canal will help preserve a natural tooth for many years when supported by good oral hygiene and regular preventive care visits.

The alternative to a root canal is usually a tooth extraction, which will require more complex restorative procedures to correct and restore oral health. If you are concerned that you have a diseased or decaying tooth, contact Dr. Neuhaus at Creekside Dentistry in Amherst to schedule a consultation.