Creekside Dentistry Services

Located in Amherst, New York, Creekside dentistry has been working for decades to help restore the smiles of those who have lost the shine to theirs. They use many modern techniques to help people have that wonderful smile that they desire at an affordable cost. It is through their company that thousands of patients have been able to smile in the mirror and feel pride at what they see smiling back.


One modern technique to help restore a person’s smile is the use of dental implants. Implants are able to fill in gaps where a person’s tooth may have had to be extracted or fell out. Creekside dentistry works hard to ensure that the implant you get placed inside your mouth is the same shade as the rest of your teeth so that it doesn’t stand out or look odd. Their goal is to make it look as natural as possible.


A crown is basically a cap that goes over a small tooth, which can either cover the damage that has been caused to a tooth or make a tooth look the proper size that it should be. These are very similar to implants when it comes to importance of the shade of the crown to make it look natural. Dental crowns fit snugly over your tooth and you will often not realize that it is even there after just a few weeks.


A dental bridge is very similar to a crown, only a bit different. There are two caps that go over the adjacent sides of a gap, and then there is a fake tooth that will be in the middle. The two caps hold the center tooth in place and looks like a natural tooth inside of your mouth. It also has the advantage of the center tooth matching the shading of the caps around it so it is even harder to tell that it’s fake.


These are just a few of the practices used by Creekside Dentistry in order to restore your smile. If you need cosmetic dentistry and live in the Amherst area, come stop on in.